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Indonesia has long been admired & loved for its natural beauty, vibrant culture, colorful and intricate art work. It is these things that leave a footprint on the hearts of those who live in or visit indonesia.

Stile Works vision is to bring a piece of indonesia into your home, be it a small entryway with natural stone features, a stone feature wall or a complete makeover of your home using natural stone products.

To be able to provide you with “your piece of indonesia” Stile Works is involved in every process from manufacturing, marketing and installation. This is one reason Stile Works is continuing to lead the way in the field of natural stone. You can be assured that we will be involved in every step of your project from initial design to completed project.


Best Natural Stone Supplier in Bali

Crystalline  White Mosaic

Mosaic Marble

Local Tile

Wall Cladding

Indian Wall Cladding

Indian Stone


Cement Tile Motif